Steve Bowerman

Principal Software Engineer

Steve is technologist and thought leader with 23 years in the industry, of which 20 in the utilities sector ranging from startup to established corporate.

Since taking up the role of Principal Software Engineer, he’s reviewed and overhauled EDF’s approach to software engineering, bringing it in house and aligning it to modern DevOps and SRE principles.

EDF UK’s DevOps Transformation

Over the recent years I’ve attended many conferences and heard inspiring talks on cloud adoption, whole-sale insourcing, a move to DevOps etc.

Whilst these have been fascinating and insightful. I felt that the “why” is really clear, but the “how” less so.

Compounded by the fact that affecting change in a large organization is really tough, regardless of it being a great idea or not.

Here’s our story, its not necessarily a “how to”, but hopefully some good guidance and pointers.