Steve Wells
Founding Director
Informing Choices

Steve Wells is an experienced international speaker, futurist, strategist, facilitator, and founder of Informing Choices Ltd ( an insights business specialising in futures and foresight. His work is designed to help individuals and organisations make informed choices about the emerging future by working with drivers of future change to create ideas and plausible scenarios.

Steve is a co-editor and a contributing author of seven books including Aftershocks and Opportunities 2 – Navigating the next Horizon, A Very Human Future – Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World, and The Future Reinvented – Reimagining Life, Society, and Business (

He has previously worked as a Strategy Development Manager in Pfizer Inc.’s UK business where he worked across the C-suite to lead and facilitate the company’s strategic planning process.

Future Fit Leadership in Technology Transformation

Abstract: The world is increasingly subject to significant change driven in part by the potential implications of exponential technology developments like artificial intelligence, robotics, adaptive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality.

In the past, we have been confident in our predictions about how the external environment is evolving and been able to come to consensus about the way ahead. Increasingly we are far from certain about how the outside world is evolving and are less able to reach consensus about how to proceed.

In this session, futurist Steve Wells will explore the factors driving future change, drill down into the technological landscape, and explore how mindset shift and leadership are crucial in helping us explore, make sense of, and thrive in an uncertain future characterised by exponential change and unexpected disruption