Stuart Ashby
BMC DevOps Architect and Evangelist

Stuart Ashby is a DevOps architect and evangelist for BMC, where he is responsible for evangelizing Enterprise DevOps and helping customers develop and nurture enterprise DevOps ecosystems. Prior to Compuware, Stuart worked as a DevOps engineer/architect in a UK retail bank. Stuart has extensive enterprise knowledge acquired over the past 30+ years.


Pipelines are Silo Busters

Legacy waterfall delivery processes were never intended to operate at the velocity and quality the modern world requires. In order for the mainframe to remain relevant, development teams need to exploit agile delivery practices, along with automation tools enabling a continuous delivery of small iterations of features/functions into production. When enterprises embrace agility, automation, and collaboration to deliver the functionality enterprises require, they are able to reduce time to market significantly without compromise on quality. In this session, Stuart Ashby shares how to gain competitive advantage with an end-to-end DevOps mainframe inclusive pipeline with BMC AMI and BMC Compuware solutions

Hosting Workshop

Shift Left – Automated Testing for the Mainframe

When writing mainframe software, developers typically test code manually. Though simple, the time it takes to perform robust testing increases exponentially as programs become more complex. Automated testing solutions formainframe developers are rare, but there are options available for developers to spend less time manually testing and more time writing code supporting new business logic.

This workshop will provide attendees with the ability to try out automated mainframe unit testing in an instructor-led session.

‘Bring your own laptop to participate. No software is installed, just the use of a web browser.”