Subhasish Pattanaik
Test Professional
British Telecom

An enthusiastic Test Professional with over 6 years of extensive experience on designing and developing test strategies for different range of applications built on different Technologies. I have played a key part in enabling QAOps for 21 application in our stack has helped us realise a huge cost saving. A very strong advocate of Agile and DevOps methodologies.

Apart from Testing, I also have delivered talk around Android OS – its usage and customisations in renowned Nations colleges (NITs, IITs) in past when I was a managing the Google Developer Group – Bhubaneswar, India Chapter.
Travelling is my passion and whenever I find some time I go out for a trip.


QAOps – the Next bridge

DevOps movement has spawned the creation of lots of DevOps offshoots such as DevSecOps, DataOps and NetOps
QAOps is one of the flavours even though there is no official definition of QAOps, it can be defined in terms of two key principles:

  1. Quality Assurance (QA) operations should be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline.
  2. QA engineers should work closely with developers, IT Ops engineers and everyone else involved in the CI/CD pipeline. In other words,

QA should not exist in a silo.

QAOps, then, takes the core ideas behind DevOps—the construction of an ever-flowing continuous delivery pipeline as the basis of software delivery, and the removal of the silos that separate the different teams that support that pipeline—and applies them to QA.
Which means Continuous Testing (CT) will no more be a separate entity, rather this will be an integral part of the CI-CD by default.