Teresa Binks
Software Engineer
Ordnance Survey

Teresa is an on-the-ground software engineer working with Great Britain’s National Mapping Agency. Teresa works in a team dedicated to the adoption of cloud technology, and is a driving force behind promoting DevOps practices in the organisation. She has diverse experience across technology stacks, currently working primarily in .Net, Serverless, and Microsoft Azure.


Co-hosting with Chris Burns

Azure for Normal People: Taking everyone on the DevOps journey

Fully embracing DevOps is a combination of changing technology, technical practices, and cultural norms for the whole organisation. Not everyone is an engineer, but the DevOps journey of other stakeholders is just as important. For project managers, business analysts, product owners and other less technical staff, these changes may seem a bit overwhelming. Ordnance Survey introduced a training workshop – “Azure for Normal People” – to help demystify terminology, concepts and processes to help support everyone on this journey.

In this session, we will explain why we developed this workshop, and show you how you can use our open-source materials to run the workshop in your own place of work. Theworkshop you will be empowered to deliver involves no code, and gets delegates hands on, building a facsimile of a system deployed to the cloud using custom-designed paper artefacts. Whilst the original workshop focussed around the Microsoft Azure platform, the concepts introduced and the approaches taken are applicable to Amazon, Google, and other stacks.