Tom Clark

Head of Common Platform

ITV plc


Happy teams the ITV way

Are you happy at work? Being part of a “high performing team” may help, but sadly there’s no magic formula a team can apply to become “high performing”… Or is there?
In this talk, Tom shares his theory that high performance is an emergent property of three factors: environment, people and leadership. Blend those correctly and high performance follows as a side-effect… Almost like magic.
Tom’s spent 16 years working with technology across a number of sectors, from manufacturing with Jaguar Cars to media with the BBC, Global Radio and most recently ITV. During this time he’s held senior positions in several disciplines, including engineering, development and architecture.
As Head of Common Platform at ITV, he’s responsible for the common cloud hosting platform that underpins their key applications. He’ll always be an engineer, but now his day job is managing and developing the team of “smart and kind” people that build, maintain and advance the platform.