The codified cloud security platform for DevOps

Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud is the developer-first cloud DevSecOps platform that enables teams to automate infrastructure security throughout the development lifecycle. With support for infrastructure as code (IaC) scanning, automated fixes, and native developer tools integrations, Bridgecrew shifts security left and makes it accessible to developers.

  • Bridgecrew bridges the gap between DevOps and security by:
  • Automating infrastructure security from code to cloud
  • Scan your infrastructure as code (IaC), cloud resources, and workloads against hundreds of security and compliance policies to find misconfigurations wherever they are.
  • Codifying cloud security feedback
  • Quickly address IaC misconfigurations with security-as-code fixes back into your DevOps lifecycle and transform issues and cloud drift in runtime into secure configuration.
  • Embedding cloud security across the DevOps lifecycle
  • Integrate Bridgecrew with existing tools like IDEs and ticketing services and workflows like code reviews and CI pipelines and to make it easy to enforce security best practices.
  • Get started with Bridgecrew for free at