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As a recognised leader in Agile, Lean and DevOps thinking, IndigoBlue enables its clients to optimise the delivery of digital change so that they can: deliver more value, faster; create responsive digital organisations; and deliver Agile projects with confidence.

We know that digital solutions and IT systems are not adjuncts to an organisation – they are essential to its success. That’s why we not only enable Agile to operate effectively in delivery, we also analyse our clients’ digital and IT operations in their wider organisational context. Working at both execution and portfolio level, we foster business agility, create end-to-end delivery effectiveness and cultivate a truly responsive IT capability.

Our consultants are all extensively experienced practitioners of Agile, Lean and DevOps with senior and C-level experience who have dealt with the real-world challenges our clients face. They remain actively engaged in the Agile community and provide thought leadership within it. Thanks to our Agile ethos of continual improvement, clients benefit from consultants who can offer insights based on both a wealth of experience and engagement with the very latest Agile thinking.

IndigoBlue is particularly known for the Adapt framework, which enables organisations to align Agile and DevOps projects with more traditional governance frameworks. Through Adapt, organisations can gain a consistent view across a portfolio which comprises a mix of traditionally run projects and Agile/DevOps practices.

Through our DevOps consultancy, we enable our clients to scale up with confidence to meet ever-growing business pressures and demands, as we guide them along a route to DevOps best practice that is best suited to their organisations.

We understand that it is each client’s people who are key to a successful DevOps transformation. Staff may worry about governance not being addressed, technical knowledge becoming obsolete, roles becoming redundant. We know that it’s essential to address their concerns and secure their buy-in. That’s why our consultants always support the vital cultural change along with the technological change as clients progress towards engineering excellence and DevOps maturity.

IndigoBlue has charted the common routes that organisations take from traditional software management to DevOps best practice and performance. We help our clients locate themselves on that map and choose the most effective onward route – then support them in bringing their stakeholders and staff along on that journey. Whatever the scope of each client’s DevOps transformation, we help them plan incrementally and prioritise the resolution of bottlenecks so that they can scale up to achieve their business goals, increase productivity and responsiveness, and strengthen safeguards and security. Our DevOps Pathfinder enables clients to conduct an initial self-assessment and our DevOps Simulation workshops provide vivid experiential learning for clients who are embarking on their transformation journey.

IndigoBlue’s engagement at the Ministry of Justice provides an illustrative example of the impact of our DevOps consulting. Our Senior DevOps consultant joined a major digital programme and encountered a situation where the Agile and DevOps principles on which the programme was founded had been sabotaged by events. The initial development work was done by an agency team that had no contact with the initial Ops team, which was created later and separately. Development and Ops chose different technical and cultural approaches, which greatly slowed velocity.

Having optimised the work of the Development team, our consultant reached out to Ops and won their trust so that he could introduce a degree of automation. The massive and immediate improvements in deployment speed, code quality and ease of bug resolution were noticed by all, including MOJ senior management, who – on the basis of the evidence our consultant was able to provide – committed to a DevOps transformation. From there, we guided and embedded the establishment of industry-leading DevOps practices, with our consultant promoted to Practice Lead. Industry recognition of his achievements came in the form of a 2018 DevOps Industry Award for DevOps Manager of the Year.

Further recognition for IndigoBlue’s DevOps consulting came at the same awards. With our client, the Metropolitan Police, we also won a 2018 DevOps Industry Award for Best Overall DevOps Project – Public Sector.

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