Mia Platform

Mia‑Platform is the simplest tool to develop modern cloud native applications on Kubernetes (  

The platform helps companies to industrialize and simplify software lifecycle by using APIs, microservices and real-time data, building event-driven architectures, and carrying out DevOps operations.

Its technological excellence is recognized worldwide by institutions such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Gartner, which has recently named Mia-Platform Cool Vendor in its 2021 report “Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies”.

With its state-of-the-art software suite, Mia-Platform helps companies across different industries (including insurance, banking, financial services, mobility & transportation, healthcare, utilities, retail, food & beverage but not only) to holistically face their digital transformation journey, and to:

  • Reduce over 47% of time and costs of any IT development project;
  • Offload legacy systems from massive workloads and generate savings in infrastructure and license costs;
  • Aggregate data according to their business needs and make them available in real time, 24/7;
  • Trust a platform secure by design and easily manage the software lifecycle;
  • Gain agility and flexibility, and scale their services with the business
  • Avoid lock-in (“Your code is your code”).

We are partners of the best technology standards in the world, including Confluent, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Kubernetes.

We are part of the Linux Foundation and Silver Members of the CNCF –  Cloud Native & Computing Foundation with the aim of contributing to the development of open-source technologies; and we actively participate in the community by promoting, sponsoring and organizing conferences and events, such as The National Devops Conference 2022.

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