New bill to prevent the development of data centres in Ireland


A new bill was recently introduced that would ban data centers and other fossil fuel-related infrastructures in Ireland.

Indeed, the new Planning and Development 2021 legislation would prevent data centers developments in the country. The reason behind this bill is that real climate action won’t be able to happen if the country is using all its renewable energy for data centers. It was highlighted that restrictions on their growth should be created.

Ireland being a major data center hub in Europe means that it is under more scrutiny than ever as it is focusing on its energy use and climate goals. Besides, the government aims that 70% of Ireland’s electricity will come from renewable sources by 2030. For this to happen, it was stated that data centers to be built near renewable energy sources and to move data center developments away from Dublin and towards the west coast.

As for now, the bill is at its first stage and will need to be signed by the President to be put into action.