New EU project to advance 5G


The EU has recently announced that its Horizon 2020 initiative will include a 5GMediaHUB, that will aim to make the EU a world leader in 5G in one of the most important use cases for the technology.

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme, which benefits from almost 80bn euros of funding over seven years, as well as private investment. The new project of the programme, 5GMediaHUB, seeks to accelerate the testing and validation of innovative 5G-empowered media applications from third-party experimenters and NetApp’s developers via an open, integrated, and fully-featured experimentation facility.

Hence, this will help reduce the service creation lifecycle and the time to the market barrier, giving EU actors a competitive advantage. The project is made in partnership with eleven European countries and will take place over the next three years.