New policy paper on data sharing for the NHS


NHSX has recently published a new policy paper on data sharing across the NHS and social care.

Indeed, the paper aims to enable patients to have control over the data they want to share as well as allow anonymised patient data. The document also planned to conduct a rapid review into the more effective and safe use of health data for research.

In order to do so, the paper notes that health data will need to be held outside of electronic patient record (EPR) systems but rather stored in the cloud so it is easier to access and update. By doing so, data will then be controlled in a more secure way.

Moreover, the document tackled the need to understand the wider data in order to build and buy the right systems. Indeed, it was reported that it would set out plans to drive interoperability across the health system by using open standards so as to share data more easily and efficiently.

The paper also discusses the possibility of using open source and open technologies in order to encourage further innovation.