New report reveals increase in enterprise open source


A recent report by Red Hat reveals that enterprise open source has increased in the past year and that infrastructure modernization is still the most important use case for enterprise open source.

Indeed, 64% cited it as a top use while 54% cited application development and 53%, digital transformation. It is then clear that infrastructure modernization, application development, and digital transformation have all increased immensely over the past few years.

Besides, it is important to notice that application developments and digital transformation are closely related and show that organizations are using enterprise open source for strategic purposes.

Hence, the report stated that the benefits of using enterprise open source are better quality software, better innovation, and better security, among others.

Moreover, it also noted that almost 70% of IT leaders have accelerated investment in public cloud infrastructure due to the pandemic and that 90% now use EOS. It is then expected that the use of enterprise open source will increase in the next two years.