New study reveals DevOps frustration


A recent study by Vanson Bourne revealed that 76% out of 400 developers in the U.S. and Europe are wasting time on manual DevOps tasks.

Indeed, the respondents stated that they sometimes spend around found 15 hours a week managing tasks. It was reported that the top sources of DevOps frustration were waiting for pipelines to run, waiting for builds and tests, and setting up, maintaining, and debugging pipelines/automation. Only 11% of all respondents are satisfied with their development setups and workflows.

Moreover, the report also stated that developers working in organizations that are not yet using Kubernetes spend almost 14.3 hours per week on low-level DevOps tasks, while those using Kubernetes are spending 16.5 hours a week. 62% declared that their organizations are already using Kubernetes and 31% are currently evaluating it.  However, 95% of respondents using Kubernetes have faced challenges after installing it.

Yet, 49% declared that if they had it, they would spend more time developing new products and services. Indeed, it was said that it would enhance the speed and delivery of existing products and services, as well as improve security for existing products and services.

Hence, the report showed that automating repetitive DevOps tasks could help developers not focus their time on building and deploying applications.