New study reveals software developers’ salary across Europe


A new study by revealed that software developers in Munich have the highest median salary in Europe (70,000€), followed closely by software developers in London (£60,000 / 66,000€), in Berlin (60,000€), in Amsterdam (57,500€) and finally, in Paris (45,000€) in 2020.

The study notes that German freelance software developers were paid 50% more than French freelance software developers in 2020, with an average daily rate for Back-end developers of 600€ vs 400€.

It was also reported that the entry-level median salary for software developers in London is £40,000 compared to 30,600€ in Brussels, while Full-Stack freelance developers have higher median daily rates than Front-end and Back-end freelance developers in both France and Germany.

Moreover, the study found out that the most in-demand technologies in London are React, Node, and Python, which is almost the same for Berlin and Paris. Yet, Paris favors PHP and Berlin, Java instead of Python. React remains the most popular front-end technology in Europe.

In order to gather the results, the company analyzed more than 100,000 job offers from recruiters to candidates. Besides, the report gives a salary and daily rates comparison of both permanent and freelance professionals, depending on their seniority and their city while focusing on Back-end, Front-end, Full Stack, and Lead developers.

Hence, the study shows that there are always opportunities in the UK market for those with the right skills and that securing a high salary, even in the time of COVID-19, is still possible.