Nokia to launch new edge automation tool to manage multiple clouds


It was recently announced that Nokia has developed an automation tool that aims to help service providers manage multiple cloud-based data centers.

Indeed, with the rise of 5G, more cloud-based data centers will be needed to support the high volumes of data. Hence, Nokia is looking at its Nokia Edge Automation tool in order to facilitate the management of the cloud deployment and lower network operational expenses.

The creation of this new tool follows various announcements by the company regarding deals with cloud providers related to 5G. It would seem that Nokia is prioritizing the edge cloud.

Therefore, it was stated that this new edge automation tool could help operator management cloud deployment, edge data planning integration, automate deployment as well as handle software upgrades for any edge cloud infrastructure. Besides, the tool should be able to manage edge sites and support on-premises deployments for enterprise customers.

It could also be used to remotely detect, configure and update edge site hardware, and configure on-site cloud stacks, verify site deployments and configuration, and trigger application deployments.

Nokia also noted that the edge automation tool can be used with Nokia’s AirFrame Data Center Manager, with Cloud RAN, Open RAN, MEC, and RAN Intelligent Controller, and many other virtualized software tools.