Open-source software to be growing in importance in enterprises


A recent report by Resonance for Aiven revealed the growing importance of open-source software within enterprises.

Indeed, it was found out that its use is rising by 28.6% year-on-year in the UK all the while contributing up to £43 billion to the country’s economy. The study stated that this can be explained by the rising use of the cloud, the need for rapid product iterations, as well as developers’ demand. It was noted that software developers and engineers tend to prefer open-source software.

Moreover, the respondents cited many benefits of using open-source software including transparency of code, reduced lock-in, build your own features, and better innovation.

However, some drawbacks were also reported such as the immaturity of some open-source software packages as well as the difficulty to configure and install some open source software and keep up with the updates and security patches.

Yet, the respondents were mainly positive when asked about the future of open source in their organizations, with only 9% stating it would not play a part in their systems. Meanwhile, 44% reported it will be a major part of their future.