Organisations to invest more in 5G and IoT


A recent study by EY revealed that 71% of organizations believe that the pandemic has accelerated existing digital transformation plans, including a greater interest in 5G and the internet of things (IoT).

Indeed, it was reported that around 74% of respondents see the rise of 5G as an opportunity to accelerate and improve their processes. 65% also noted that emerging technologies will play an important part in the post-pandemic recovery. Although 73% of respondents are planning to invest in 5G in the future, only 17% are currently doing it.

One of the reasons for this is that almost 64% stated that they were struggling to choose the right supplier for their 5G strategy and 74% said they wanted suppliers to provide a more coherent vision of 5G to construct a better investment case. It was also reported that the top 5G priority was around exploring 5G’s relationship to other emerging technologies.

Therefore, the study highlighted the capability gap among suppliers which is a key concern for enterprises that want to focus on 5G and IoT. There is a definite interest in 5G and IoT across all businesses, and it is clear that service providers should reposition themselves as collaborators to their customers for organizations to properly invest in these emerging technologies.