Organisations to show an interest in quantum computing


Company leaders are starting to look into quantum computing in order to improve their business.

Indeed, a recent study by Zapata Computing showed that up to 69% of enterprise executives want to exploit quantum computing while another 74% believe that their companies will fall behind if they don’t start to tap into it. This new interest is due to the belief that quantum computing technology could provide a competitive edge as well as have a positive impact on their company’s performance.

Moreover, it was found out that the transportation industry is very keen on integrating quantum tech, as 63% of transport company executives have stated that their companies have already started integrating quantum technology into their infrastructure. They are doing so in the hopes to resolve the ongoing global supply chain issues and logistical chokepoints.

However, many organizations still think that adopting quantum computing is too complex as well as too costly. Besides, in order to succeed, enterprises would need a relationship with a trusted quantum computing vendor.