Ransomware threats to keep on increasing over the year


A recent study by PwC revealed that cyber threats and ransomware are expected to grow in the next few months, however, IT leaders are still not prepared enough to deal with them.

Indeed, it was reported that 57% of CEOs are planning to make significant investments in tech, with 52% in people and 50% in governance and process. Yet, the study showed that cybersecurity transformations are still falling behind digitization or barely keeping pace, which is critical when cyberattacks are only increasing.

The report then underlined the importance of cybersecurity investments. Indeed, it pointed out that organisations should have secured their infrastructure and should be able to respond quickly and protect their interests.

Moreover, the survey found out that 64% of respondents expect a rise in portable ransomware and software supply chain incidents in the second half of 2021. Yet, half of the CEOs have declared to not be prepared to fully mitigate the risks associated with remote work, digitization, or cloud adoption.

Besides, only 55% of respondents reported being well prepared to address ransomware breaches.

The study however showed that more businesses were taking the steps to reinforce the security within their organisations. CIOs are starting to prioritize cloud security or cyber investments over the next two years and most are restructuring their security teams and embedded them in product development and business teams.