Report reveals a rise in DevOps and cloud adoption in enterprises


A new report from Redgate Software revealed that the majority of organizations have now adopted DevOps in some form and they have increased their use of cross-platform databases.

Indeed, 74% of respondents stated that they are now taking a DevOps approach to development, which is a considerable rise from five years ago where it was reported that only 47% was adopting DevOps methodologies. Besides, it was also found out that more than half of respondents use three or more databases, compared with the 30% who are only using one database platform.

The report showed that more and more organizations are implementing DevOps than in 2017. Bigger enterprises, as well as high-tech and financial services, were found to be more likely to adopt DevOps than smaller ones.

Moreover, it was also noted that there was an increase in the move to the cloud with 58% of respondents declaring they now use the cloud either wholly or in combination with on-premises. Indeed, only one on five stated hosting databases only on-premises.

The report revealed that IT teams are still extremely productive despite the pandemic and the shift to working from home. This shows that IT thinking has moved further and faster than any previous year, which has accelerated the adoption of DevOps and the move to the cloud.

Hence, the report stated that this rise of DevOps has helped organizations meet the challenges of the past years and better tackle digital transformations. Indeed, it allows IT teams to stay motivated and productive even in different environments and incited them to explore new database platforms, on-premises, and in the cloud.