Research revealed that developers need to stay current on latest tech


A new report by Cisco revealed that, despite the high demand for engineers and developers, they need to stay current on the latest innovations, software, and tools.

Indeed, the study showed that upskilling is absolutely critical in the IT industry, with 49% of CIOs and IT decision-makers upskilling talent, and 46% investing in talent in new areas over the next 12 months.

As employers are reinvesting in talent across a distributed workforce, it was stated that IT professionals must be up to date with the latest software and tools. 86% of decision-makers think it is very important that their teams have access to the best collaboration tools and software to prepare for the future of work.

With the digital transformation happening in every industry, it is vital that businesses find the best online, secure and automated solutions to help their customers stay safe and resilient.

Hence, many enterprises now offer technology courses, often for free, in order to help IT professionals reinforced their skills, especially in software programming.