Rise in hiring partner programme at Northcoders


It was recently found out that the number of hiring partners Northcoders works with across the North has increased by 63% since September 2020.

Indeed, this sudden rise revealed that the demand for digital skills continues to grow, especially as the UK is slowly heading towards an important digital skills shortage disaster with fewer students taking IT subjects.  

The hiring partner programme spans over 25 various industries such as finance, healthcare, and automotive and allows companies to hire the most-skilled developers from its course without any fee. Since its creation in 2015, the training programme has helped over 750 people to follow a career in tech, with 95% of Northcoders securing a software engineering role after graduation.

Besides, the company also witnessed an increase in demand for its boot camps, as more and more people are looking to change careers and businesses want their employees to receive the best IT training to recover after the pandemic.

Northcoders’ campuses are based in Manchester and Leeds.