Scotland to invest in new 5G adoption programme


It was recently reported that a tech giant, a leading university, and a national hub for accelerating deployment and adoption of 5G are joining forces to develop a new private 5G Cloud Core network so as to increase 5G research and development efforts in Scotland.

Indeed, the Scottish government has decided to invest ¬£4m in the S5GConnect programme in order to speed up 5G’s adoption. The funds will enable a new network of 5G innovation hubs that will support business sectors and innovative use cases as well as improve connectivity.

Moreover, the deployment will also seek to promote the adoption of cloud-based technology with more flexible architectures in organizations as well as more opportunities to innovate and test new technologies on state-of-the-art private mobile and wireless networks.

The collaboration features Cisco, the University of Strathclyde, and the Scotland 5G Centre and will hopefully accelerate the development of private 5G networks and deliver real benefits to communities and businesses across Scotland.