Self-Service Platforms might contribute to the success of DevOps


A recent DevOps report led by Puppet revealed that enterprises that incorporate platform models will be more successful in scaling DevOps. Indeed, having a platform approach to software delivery can help organization scale DevOps practices across many application development teams. Hence, this approach will lead to quicker and easier delivery of high-quality and secure software.

With DevOps practices, self-service capabilities operate at a higher level of DevOps evolution. The changes that have happened to get to the highest level of DevOps evolution have allowed organizations to reduce the complexity in their technology stack as well as automated toil and reduce handoffs between teams while building trust. These components are necessary for developing an internal platform to deliver higher value to the business. However, some organizations are unable to make the change to self-service platforms due to a lack of time or skills. Thus, having a change of management processes can help reduce toil and accelerate software delivery.

It was also reported that operationally mature, engineering-driven, governance focused, and ad hoc approaches can lead to different levels of effectiveness and different performance outcomes. Moreover, using continuous integration and automation for change management can result in better and more efficient outcomes.

Overall, it was revealed that most companies have at least one self-service internal platform and that highly evolved DevOps firms are more likely to state a high use of internal platforms.