Slow DevOps adoption linked to organizational issues


A new study by mabl revealed that the biggest challenges to adopting DevOps practices are related to organizational issues.

Indeed, it was reported that non-technological issues are seen as the main barrier to the adoption of DevOps in businesses. This could then explain why only 11% of respondents have stated that their organizations have fully implemented DevOps practices, and 24% were working toward achieving that goal.

The study showed that the two main challenges to the adoption are slow processes and speed of adaptation, followed closely by budget and funding. On the other hand, only 18% of respondents have identified technology limitations as an issue.

Moreover, it was stated that 46% of organizations were able to implement continuous integration, while 36% have been able to achieve continuous delivery and 27%, continuous deployment.

However, only 1/3 are deploying new code at least once per week, with half only deploying it less than once per month.

Hence, the study revealed that organizations have still a long way to go before fully embracing DevOps best practices, as they need to focus more on quality and time delivery. It’s only a matter of time before organizations realize that they need to fully embrace DevOps practices.