Andrew Carr
Head of Platform Management & Architecture
The AA

Andrew is the Head of Digital Platform and Architecture at The AA.
I’ve worked in the “digital space” for most of my career, first as an ASP developer building a system that would be responsive for teams using it across a 64kbps WAN link in Africa and South America.  I then worked in the Oil & Gas and Healthcare industry, with hands-on delivery of web applications with a side interest of UX design and Accessibility

My journey to DevOps started out almost by accident in the first few weeks after joining The AA;  we had an urgent need to bring CI/CD capabilities for our Digital CMS platform in-house.  Within 8 months, our fledgling team had delivered it, and reduced our end to end deployment time from 8 hours to 5 hours.  Within a year it was under 2 hours.

Today I’m proud to lead an experienced team of Architects, DevSecOps and Platform engineers. We provide our Digital Engineering Teams with the skills and tooling to deliver features to our customers as quickly as possible.