Andrew Sheppard
Chief Digital Information Officer
HM Revenue & Customs

“Andrew has worked in both private and public sector organisations throughout an IT career that spans 25 years and both hemispheres. The real ‘mic drop’ moment came in 2014 when a move into HMRC Digital provided exposure to agile methodologies built on a foundation of DevOps principles, all of which combined as an enabler for delivering value to end users and the business alike through Continuous Delivery. On top of various Product roles and responsibilities, Andrew’s priorities have shifted over the past few years to the attraction, development and retention of IT talent, providing a working environment that is conducive to creativity and innovation, and one that people find rewarding on both a professional and personal level. Andrew has since created the new DevOps Engineer apprenticeship standard in order to source apprentices for an internal academy he co-founded with a colleague. More recently Andrew’s teams have played a critical role in HMRC’s rapid response to the Chancellor’s very public COVID19 commitments, helping deliver the CJRS, SEISS and SSP services in record time and unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.”