Headquartered in San Francisco, Harness is the only end-to-end platform for complete software delivery designed to provide a simple, safe and secure way for Engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production.

The Harness Platform uses Machine Learning to detect the quality of deployments and automatically roll back failed ones, saving time and reducing the need for custom scripting and manual oversight.

Our platform includes the following products, available together or as stand-alone modules that integrate with existing systems:

  • Continuous Integration – Take source code to artifacts with container-native CI and test optimization so all builds are isolated and test cycles shortened up to 98%.
  • Continuous Delivery – Enable engineers to deploy on-demand with Canary/Blue-Green templates, automated deployment verification, and automatic rollbacks.
  • Feature Flags – Simpler, faster, more intelligent 
feature delivery for developers. 
Ship more features with less risk.
  • Cloud Cost Management – Empower teams to spend less time tagging and running analysis, and get straight to optimising their cloud spend to drive more business value.

Harness is the industry’s first Software Delivery Platform to use AI to simplify your DevOps processes – one seamless user interface for CI/CD, Feature Flags, Cloud Costs and much more.

Harness customers include Santander’s Openbank, Advanced, Kohl’s, eBay, UK Home Office, Discover Financial, Nationwide Insurance and McAfee.