The war for the DoD’s cloud infrastructure contract continues


Amazon and Microsoft are still fighting over the $10 billion contract to modernise the US Department of Defence’s (DoD) cloud infrastructure.

Although Microsoft has won the Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure (JEDI) contract in 2019, Amazon has recently filed for and won an injunction due to retention presidential interference in 2020. The Pentagon however declared that the awarding to Microsoft was fair but still cancelled it due to a shifting technology environment.

Hence, it was reported that the new Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract will allow all service providers that meet the DoD’s requirements to participate. The Government has then decided to award two Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contracts which will be for Amazon and Microsoft respectively.

Despite the Pentagon’s belief that only Amazon and Microsoft can meet its demands, Oracle and Google are in a good position to compete for the contract.