UK and Ireland businesses to rely on hybrid cloud for more agility


A new report by NTT Ltd revealed the critical need for business agility as well as how hybrid cloud has helped businesses achieve this. 

With the pandemic, many companies realized that they were not as agile as they had thought, as they were faced with deficiencies in their cloud infrastructure, security, and network architecture capabilities. Thus, it had become clear that they needed to adapt their agility plans and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.  

The report highlighted that almost 90% of respondents agree that the pandemic has forced its business to rely on technology more than before. Moreover, more than 60% of organizations stated that they were already using or piloting hybrid cloud, with 30,4% planning to implement it within the next year.  

Hybrid cloud has now become vital for data-driven processes and real-time decisions both now and in the future.   

The report also found that, in the UK & Ireland, a more effective total cost of IT operations is the biggest driver with improved overall business agility of hybrid cloud adoption. Besides, hybrid cloud is now helping 1/3 of UK and Ireland business to enhance the speed of deployment of applications and services to create more operational efficiencies.

However, most agree that to maximize efficiencies, businesses must rely on experts, such as managed cloud providers.    

It was reported that 40.9% of UK & Ireland respondents think that managing data security remains the biggest challenge in implementing a hybrid cloud.  Hence, it was suggested that organizations choose the right environment that will securely host their mission-critical applications across public and private clouds as well as work with experts.  

Network performance and a shortage of skills are also great barriers to hybrid cloud adoption and should be addressed appropriately.  

Finally, the report stated that industry collaboration and working with external experts are vital to providing businesses with the right knowledge and skills to implement their hybrid cloud environments for agility. 

Most respondents pointed out that they were engaged with systems integrators, while others engaged with specialist information security consultants or MSSPs. Hence, security is vital in cloud deployments.