UK call for views to enhance data centre and infrastructure security


As the UK’s essential services and economy are slowly becoming more dependent on large-scale data storage and processing services to operate, the government is seeking views on strengthening the industry’s cyber and physical security systems.

Indeed, it was reported that the data infrastructure should be better protected against cyber threats. Views are then sought on how to enhance the security and resilience of data centres and online cloud platforms. The new protections would build on existing safeguards for data infrastructure as well as update guidance for data centres and online assets.

By doing so, it should make it more reliable for people to make calls, and send photos and messages. It will also help small businesses to access essential IT services more easily and protect the infrastructure against disruption. This call for views aims to help understand the risks data storage and processing services face and how to address any security and resilience vulnerabilities.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) will then decide if there is a need for additional government support or management in order to minimise the risks that data storage and processing infrastructure face as part of the National Data Strategy.