UK companies to face challenges when adopting cloud tech


It was recently reported that many UK companies faced a lot of challenges when wanting to adopt new cloud technologies.

Indeed, a study by Rackspace Technology showed that only 42% of IT leaders are willing to take a risk and implement cloud technology. Despite that cloud technology is a key component to improving customer experience and agility to scale up and down based on demand, the concerns around security and IT talents have slowed down its implementation.

47% of IT leaders believe that security and data privacy concerns are preventing their businesses from benefiting from cloud strategy and innovation, while 49% reported that security was a barrier to adopting serverless applications. Talent shortages are also hindering the implementation of cloud and serverless strategies as organisations don’t have enough skilled workers to deal with the challenges.

It is then vital to balance the risk presented by security and talent shortages and the pursuit of innovation by collaborating with external strategic partners for support with security, IT strategy, managed services, and training.