UK government encourages businesses to move to the cloud to fight climate change


The UK government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has recently advised businesses to start using the cloud more to fight climate change.

Indeed, the department has released a series of steps that organizations should take in order to reduce their carbon emissions by changing the technology they use and buy. The BEIS is then recommending to businesses to move more of their on-premise IT infrastructure to the public cloud instead of housing it within their own private data centers.

The department stated that large cloud providers provided more efficient data centers and were working on renewable energy. It is also advising IT buyers to audit the data they have stored on-premise to determine if it is worth keeping in the long term in order to minimize storage costs once in the cloud.

The BEIS also declared that there are many ways to minimize the energy used by the software, such as buying energy-efficient equipment or sourcing large cloud providers, and by doing so, it can make a huge difference in creating a more sustainable future.

These recommendations are part of a government initiative asking businesses to reduce their carbon footprints by 2030.