UK government to announce new data flow proposals


The UK government has recently announced new data flow proposals and partnerships with Australia, Colombia, Dubai, Singapore, South Korea, and the US.

Indeed, the proposed data adequacy agreements will come alongside a few proposed measures that aim to increase trade and innovation. This would be done through tweaks to the UK’s data regime and the appointment of John Edward, the current privacy commissioner of New Zealand as the UK’s information commissioner.

Digital secretary Oliver Dowden stated to be determined to develop a world-leading data policy in order to deliver a Brexit dividend for individuals and businesses across the UK. By doing so, he aims to seek new international data partnerships with growing economies, such as India, Brazil, Kenya, and Indonesia. The government then hopes to build on a collective £80bn worth of data-enabled service exports from the UK to those countries.

It was also reported that the government would be opening a consultation on the future of the UK’s data protection and oversight regime in order to make it more ambitious, pro-growth, and innovation-friendly without undermining privacy and information security.