UK government to release new proposals to strengthen cyber security of the country


The UK government has recently revealed its new proposals that aim to boost the cyber security of the country’s digital supply chains.

Indeed, these new rules have for goal to mandate IT service providers to adhere to the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC’s) Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF). It also┬áincludes new procurement rules to ensure that public sector organisations use technology from firms with solid cyber postures and plans for improved cyber security advice and guidance campaigns.

Following the recent cyberattacks on companies and infrastructures, it is increasingly important to make sure that networks and technology are secure. By doing so, the government is encouraging firms to strengthen their cyber security as well as follow guidance from the NCS to secure digital footprints and protect sensitive data.

The policymakers are currently working on developing more detailed proposals and a review of cyber security measures that will be announced before Christmas.