UK organisations to switch to off-premise infrastructures & hybrid work


A recent study by Zen Internet revealed that most businesses will be relying more on off-premises infrastructures as the need for hybrid working rises.

Indeed, it was reported that 93% of organisations already have a hybrid working plan in place to enable employees to work remotely, while another 5% plan to do so in the next year. Only 55% of office space and desks are expected to be in use over the next year as workers will be alternating between working from home and in the office.

Moreover, it was found out that only 11% of planned tech operations are expected to be hosted on-premise, while off-premise tools such as SD-WAN, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and application programming interfaces will be the top tech investments in the next year. 89% of UK tech operations should be hosted off-premises in the coming months.

Some of the challenges with on-premise data centres include security and maintenance costs as well as a lack of in-house IT skills to maintain them and the amount of physical space they occupy. By outsourcing datacentre to a third party, businesses should benefit from better security, increased reliability, and a reduction in costs.

However, 74% still believe that the process would be complicated, as their organisation isn’t educated enough in the complexities of cloud technologies. Hence, many companies think they will need help to move their on-premise datacentre off-premise.