UK public sector still reticent to move to the cloud


A recent report by UKCloud revealed that a significant number of UK public sector systems and services are still dependent on expensive and inefficient legacy IT.

Indeed, it was found out that 45% of respondents wouldn’t consider using public cloud for traditional IT environments that weren’t cloud-native, while another 32% were discrediting the use of the cloud for legacy systems.

Yet, almost nine out of 10 respondents stated they wished to move IT environments into the cloud if a perfect solution were available. Moving to the cloud has its fair share of challenges such as budget, skills, and compliance, however, a number of cloud solutions are available from a large number of UK providers.

Moreover, it was also underlined that adopting a cloud methodology will enable public sector organizations to migrate their legacy IT applications to the cloud with minimal risk. Hence, it is essential to have a proper data strategy assessment that will help organizations create an affordable and actionable plan to maximize their systems and data.

Besides, it is advised for organizations to work with a strategic cloud provider that can bring multi-cloud services into secure and sensitive environments. By moving to the cloud, organizations will also be able to realize clear cost savings.