UK to launch an Advanced Research & Invention Agency


The UK government recently announced the launch of the Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA), a new research body aiming to find and fund groundbreaking science and technology at speed.

Based on the US model of Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), this new agency will benefit from £800m in funding as well as high-risk research that seeks to have a positive transformation on the UK society.

ARIA will be led by world-leading scientists, in order to empower the UK and support the economy through innovation and the creation of highly skilled jobs. Moreover, the agency will experiment with different funding models such as program and seed grants, and prize incentives. It will also have a much higher tolerance for failure in order to reach better successes.

The Parliament is set to introduce new legislation to create this research body and make it operational by 2022. Besides, the search for the ARIA’s interim chief executive and chair is due to start in the next few weeks.

In time, ARIA will be able to provide technological innovations and tackle global challenges.