UK’s Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency to agree to £15m in cloud contracts


It was recently announced that the UK’s Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has agreed to £15m cloud contracts with Microsoft and AWS.

Indeed, the Department for Transport agency, which is in charge of testing individuals and vehicles, has signed a contract for a Microsoft Enterprise Licensing Agreement with a Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting worth around £8m, as well as another contract with AWS worth £8.4m.

The DVSA stated that it would be using the Amazon Web Services platform to build and host the majority of its Web Hosting platform services. With it, it will be able to continue developing, building, maintaining current and future services in addition to fulfilling its Digital transformation obligations.

It was also reported that the agency has been working towards more digitalization, with an investment of £28.1m in IT software in 2020/21. This has included enhancements to vehicle services, driving testing services, enforcement and MOT services, and necessary enhancements to the IT systems for the EU Transition.