University of Sunderland to use robots to teach AI to students


It was recently found out that the University of Sunderland is using robot dogs to help students applying technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to real-world situations.

Indeed, the robot is playing an important role in helping students in the department apply the latest technologies to real-life environments. It will teach students the latest developments in engineering and computer science by bringing together lots of different technologies such as AI and kinermatics.

The dog was first acquired as a basic robot with some sensors and remote control to drive it, leaving the students to apply intelligence to it. Hence, it was reported that applying the technology to industry and other human challenges will become a core part of courses in the faculty.

Besides, students will also have the possibility to take on final year and MSc dissertation projects that use the robot, where they can look at writing code, designing sensors, evaluating applications of the robot for industrial applications and projects.

The technology within the robot dog will be embedded into the curriculum and is part of a wider technology education project at the University of Sunderland. Thus, the robot will be used to promote technology and the university’s technology events.