Vodafone partners with Google to develop cloud-based data platform


It was recently announced that Vodafone will be working with Google in order to develop a cloud-based data platform that will help telcos find new opportunities and enhance relationships with customers.

This six-year partnership will help the convergence between the telecoms market and Silicon Valley and include a collaboration of 1,000 staff from both mobile operator Vodafone and Google, located in the US, Spain, and the UK.

With this project, Vodafone aims to create and deploy new digital services in multiple countries for both consumers and enterprise customers, and improve relationships and boost customer retention. Using public cloud services seems to be the key solution to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

Moreover, Vodafone is also set on automating at least 50% of all changes or upgrades to existing contracts and agreements. To do so, the operator created an artificial intelligence-powered digital assistant chatbot app called TOBi in 2017, which can access information about many topics and help users with a problem.

Hence, this deal with Google will help expand the automation of customer service and accelerate the delivery of consumer and enterprise services.