Volkswagen to be deploying private 5G wireless network


Volkswagen has recently launched a private 5G standalone wireless network in Wolfsburg, Germany in order to boost its enterprise communications.

By doing so, Volkswagen became the second major German car manufacturer in a week to deploy a 5G wireless network. The private campus network already uses the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) to offer reliable, secure and real-time connectivity as well as allow the manufacturer to trial new smart factory use cases.

Hence, the industrial-grade private 5G wireless network will be covering the production development centre and pilot hall at the Wolfsburg plant. The company will then first test if the 5G technology meets the requirements of vehicle production of increasing efficiency and flexibility.

Moreover, the deployment will also hope to make sure that all data remains on the campus, processed at the network edge in real-time, which should give Volkswagen full control.