Zurich Insurance UK to adopt low-code practices for a better DevOps culture


It was recently reported that Zurich Insurance UK has adopted low-code practices and integrated business and IT teams in order to drive a sustainable DevOps culture.

Indeed, this DevOps culture is enabling the enterprise to more quickly respond to business and customer needs. To do so, Zurich Insurance UK has been closely integrating IT teams with Business Analysts, so as to have a clear understanding of business requirements from the get-go.

Moreover, the company has also introduced the use of Mendix, which enables low-code development. With low-code practices and platforms, the business can then develop software very fast and of better quality. These changes allow the modernization of its systems and processes.

Finally, the company has implemented agile development to focus on user needs through frequent testing. With both Agile and DevOps, Zurich Insurance UK is then able to change its mind easily without the concern that huge development costs have already been sunk. It believes that agile, DevOps, and low code are the future of business.